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Rules and regulations Empty Rules and regulations

Post by Rainbow on Sun Jan 18, 2009 5:28 am

We don't really like rules, but a few rules are always good Smile

- We don't allow posts of an offensive or discriminatory nature. All such posts will be deleted immediately and in case of multiple occurrences the user shall be banned.
- If you don't like a performer, you're absolutely free to say so, but no slagging.
- The same with discussions online. Everyone is free to disagree with one another, but personal attacks shall not be permitted.
- No obsessions. Thudding and squeeing is nice, but if you want to obsess you can do that someplace else.
- No fanfics (sorry, because of problems in the past somewhere else we don't allow them anymore.)
- No SHOUTING because it's annoying mrgreen
- No banners. Avatars are allowed. (Banners take up to much room and have a tendency to get out of hand...)

- You have to like Jolly Ranchers or, if you've never had them, try them within a year cherry
- Mango and papaya belong together.
- Randomness is a virtue Angelic

Added on request:
- No penguins, except in the penguin board

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